Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Big, Deep Well

A Big, Deep Well of Love

He roams the earth. A former set of patterns and programs that mostly have been dismantled. He is content, alive, engaged, feeling the lack of nothing. Here randomly appears this thing. The exterior is beautiful and the gateway to the interior is like none I have ever seen. The interior is vast and robust, but angular and prickly. He is not like this, he is soft and encompassing, She is hard and darting. They engage in a dance, circling, combining, floating in each others atmosphere, sensing, tasting. They join as one, and it is incredibly powerful. She is aware and sharp, but has fixed ideas. He is like mush with sensation (she would probably laugh and agree with this). He has no agenda. Her gateway is so vivid. As her body shakes and quivers, he puts his hand on her chest between her breasts and feels the skin over the ribs above the heart, the center of her body, her power. Her gateway is etched in his brain.

They part, a vast distance seperates them. Initially this seems like a good thing, going back to normal life. But something has happened. The memory of her and all that she is and their time together sticks with him very strongly. It has impacted him greatly. Where before he felt the lack of nothing, he now seems to have been recalibrated, like she had magically turned and tuned the dials of his chakras to a new and perfect setting. It had happened imperceptively. Only after she was gone did he realize the effect she had on him. How could she do that? How did this happen? What happened? New sensations, feelings, thoughts. Chemicals and molecules moving, rearranging things, putting them in a new order. Swirling for about two weeks until it settled. Two weeks as an unsettled life form, loose, open. And then it came to an end and took a new shape. The chemicals and molecules and thoughts, feelings and questions stopped. The organism had completed a transformation and when it did, the second it did, the body and mind relaxed, the mouth started to smile, the face took the shape of happiness, and the mind and body had the feeling, knowing, tasting and the overwhelming envelopment of love. Most definitely love. A big deep well of love.